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Big House

Post by redeeminglove on Mon Jan 10, 2011 7:32 pm

Can anybody give me some insight to this dream? Thank you.
I had a dream where I was in a neighborhood with HUGE, two-story houses. They were gorgeous and beautiful and were built of brick. I was with a friend, Madison, and the house was her parent’s house. I was an amazing house. She said she was going to have to look for her key because the house was always locked (even though the house looked open). We went in to the house and there were tons of people. Her mother was there and we were in the living room. I asked her saying, “I’ve been to your house. It was not this house.” She answered me, “We moved here three years ago.” I remember thinking to myself that I wanted a house this beautiful. I also remember thinking to myself that Madison did not get along with her dad.
The next thing I know, the house belongs to a coworker, Shannon. She is talking to her mother. I remember thinking to myself that she did not get along with her mother.
I am then sitting on the floor with a different coworker, Erik. He is telling me what brought him to this house (he is a recovering drug addict).
I go to the kitchen table and think I notice somebody but am unsure so we don’t really say anything. Madison and I go outside and there was a mountain that had been on fire but was now out.
Then I am walking and I run into Shannon’s father. He is a BIG guy with no hair. He laughs at me for being small… like he does not take me seriously.
Then there was a big deal about “real carrot cake”. Sooo… yeah. Part of the dream makes sense (fire on the mountain being put out, thinking I knew a guy but didn’t). The rest is really confusing to me.

Any insight would help. :)

Thank you,
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