Is God trying to warn me

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Is God trying to warn me

Post by Destine on Fri Jan 07, 2011 6:33 am

What do these 5 dreams stand for
by Destine Yesterday at 1:35 pm

.I'm trying to figure out what this means: I have had it least five dreams where my sr. pastor's son's have done something to hurt me, The first dream was:

I was walking, and the youngest son came up and kicked me and started to curse, And than I was at my friends house, crying about something, I don't know if I was crying about that, or something else

The 2nd dream was that the oldest son said something to me, So my dad had to say something to him, but he just denied it but he got in trouble with his parents

My third dream was that I was in my church gym, And the gym started to flood with water, and everyone was screaming. I was walking, and the pastor's son said something to me, So my dad started yelling at him, than I woke up.

The 4th dream was that his dad was ashamed of what his children did, so he took us to an NFL football game because he really wanted to make it up to us

The 5th dream was that me and my friend were in the gym, And the pastor's son cusses us out, And my mom comes in and starts saying he was wrong. He broke down and started to cry and said he was doing drugs, And that his parents never pay any attention to him. That was the end of my dream... these dreams all took place in 1 week. I'm trying to figure out if God is trying to tell me I need to pray for my pastor's kids.. or is he trying to say I might face something with them in it
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