Unprepared and jealous????

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Unprepared and jealous????

Post by ggyal on Fri Jan 07, 2011 4:24 am

Hi, its ggyal. I had a dream that i am sharing for help on the deciphering.

I dreamt that i was on my way to some sort of retreat/camp with women from my church. My pastor's wife and some older ladies. my pastor passed away this year, and strangely, he seemed to be driving the bus. at one point he stopped to give me a gift. it was the type of gift he would not have given me in real life, but i was glad to receive it. it was a makeup palette, and i really like makeup. they were like my parents so in real life that was not unusual. i thanked them.

They then gave me a few other gifts to hold for some other people that were bigger and nicer than the one they gave me. and i was thinking, "hey, i would have liked that one better". lol. (i know, not very christian-like). but that's what i thought. that is not my usual chain of thought, but am relating it as it happened.

So we are chugging along. Then i realized that the trip is for quite a few days, and i only have one change of clothes! everyone else had their sets of clothes to accommodate changes. i remember thinking i only had the underwear i had on, not even a change. i was looking all around to see if i could fabricate something and nothing was working out.

Ok.... so prayerfully help me out! my natural interpretation for this does not look nice. lol. i would say am unprepared and jealous?! but in real life i have no jealousy issues right now and i am more in prayer than i have ever been so i can't say that I am spiritually unprepared, at least in my estimation.

I really need a prayerful interpretation on this one.

Thanks guys

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