manifestation?! Interpetation? mabe? i think i got some of it helllpppp!!

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manifestation?! Interpetation? mabe? i think i got some of it helllpppp!!

Post by rachel07 on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:18 pm

DREAMS! repost! they go togethor! all different nights! within a week! need help!
by rachel07 on Wed Jan 05, 2011 12:39 am

1st dream
Starts out were in Gods mansion(maybe kingdom of God). Inside was a bar/restaurant. My young guy friend was sitting alone at a table talking with waitress and just relaxing like serious rest mode. I see him and go sit by him and he sees me(not being mean but focusing on resting) and i wonder why hes not like talking to me. So then we just get up and walk together to the living room where to port potties were.(bathroom cleansing, but there mobile) one porta pottie was big, normal size nice, clean light blue and white. He went into this one and used the bathroom with ease. and walked out. then the other porta pottie was old and smaller. orange reddish not appealing with a c rickety wooden door. to get into it i had to get on a old not stable ladder and i had to struggle. but i got in and sat down not comfortable and said this isn't gonna work so i got out.(maybe it means i tried cleansing my own way and with religion?) so then i stood in front of the nice clean porta pottie and wished and longed just to go in. something held me back tho that was inside so i didn't.

2nd Dream

So it started out in this church where this young man(same from other dream/hes my friend, hes a pastor) he started preaching to mostly teens. then it was over and he greeted the people. i was in the audience kinda waiting for him to talk to me but he didn't.(like again he wasn't trying to be mean) then he went straight to the bathroom. but inside the bathroom were two doors which led into a elementary classroom. He took some toilet paper from the teacher and used the bathroom and finished and came out. so then i used the bathroom and saw the two doors open. i said to myself o.. no.. were gonna shut these. i struggled the first time to shut them then second time i shut them and locked it. then i went to use the toilet and saw his urine which was slight yellow with a tint of brownish tan. so i took some toilet paper that was sitting on the sink(i said to myself its OK i will clean it up/ i felt joyful to do it) and then i cleaned it up. then i used the toilet and left the bathroom.

2nd or 3rd Dream (same night but it changed to this one quickly)

I drove to someones house on the countryside. there were long tables where people were fellow shipping. There were also like in there yard where there looked like they were holding a fruit and vegetable market. (they grew all there fruit and vegetables) then i heard some saying they were hungry so immediately i got up and without hesitation went inside these people house and started to make a pizza. an all meat pizza. they had all the ingredients. except the sauce. so i used mustard. which the pizza was more like a hot baked sandwich because of the sauce change,.(i was concerned with this) i took it out and gave to all who came to me Hungary.(still concerned by the sauce i told them but they just looked me like this is different but still good.) so the parents of the young man(who was just greeting people and just walking around like not doing anything just really thinking)so his parents were just telling how wonderful of a job i was doing and how the pizza was great. So then my focus was on how he was walking around. and i was hoping he would come by me and notice me. but he didn't(looked like he had a lot on his mind) so i thought to myself hes just gonna have to come to me. then someone announced his engagement to a girl (he wouldn't even be with) everyone was asking where she was but couldn't see her. i could only see her. she was very plain Jane and kinda overweight,quiet and looking around not knowing what to do. she was sitting on her knees on the ground.(my friend didn't even stand by her) i was kinda shocked and hurt. and my friend was still just walking around. so then i woke up tasting meat in my mouth.
3rd dream
hi! ok this dream goes with my other three dreams that i had. It began at my last church i was in, until God moved me. Its starts out that im at the alter looking from the side(lookin at them get started in the wedding) holding my sisters baby. First i was on my knees than i got up when they started at the soon to be wife walking down the aisle with her father. but she is well over 50 with short gray hair wearing a strapless vintage lace dress. and the guy shes marrying is Again the same my Guy Friend(and he is like 24!) then she came down the aisle first. Then he walked down the aisle. so i sat down in the pew when i saw this. and i sat next to my sister while holding her baby saying like i didnt know he was marring her. just kinda confused a bit.
and if you look in the other dream he was engaged to another girl.. who was younger. somthin just doesnt feel right...hmm Scratch Chin

So ive been studying on this website. it has helped allot. i believe God is talkin to me about what is taken place in my life right now...but im still confused with some stuff.... i need some help pleaseeee....

1st dream
first i started with my feelings in dream. they 100% match my current ones right now. To sum up my life right now. the Lord has showed me futer mate is. i hav been resting and waitin on him. then som distractions came along with some fustrations. Cleansing(bathrooms in my dreams) my focus has been centered around me growing in my gifts & talents and in my new church. i hav been prophesied over to stay where God put me(new church) and he is bringing me to my promise land(the lord told me first then confirmed it through them) so its been slow.. obviously Saten has been on attack.. ok nothn new. so i hav been praying bout the gifts/talents/growth/promiseland/husband. where im at when you look with natural eye lol doesnt look like the prophcie! hahaha ok i know we dont look with our eyes. no biggie, so in my dream which this has happened in reall life well its taken place now. so in my dream my future husband is focusing on rest!/he was drinkinng which means hes intoxicated in the lord and that is his main focus. and my focus is on when hes gona ask me out (to many conformations to count/plus he was prophesied that he was gettin married soon and i got propheesied tooo! and yes we are friends) we were in Gods Kingdom. we are both christians and see each other a few times a month we are friends of friends and he just got a little church and i see him when hes a special speaker/facebook or our friends somtimes hangout. the porta potties represent us needing cleansing. but also a temporary place? hes getting his quite easilly which puts me behind cuz im strugglin. i just came out of a religious church/old mindsets/and God has been revealing to me that im tryin to cleanse with religion and old mindset prolly. so i got revelation and thats why i said forget this and got out of porta pottie. i got out and saw what my future mate was doin(how he cleansed) i wanted to use his porta pottie bad. so basically i went to a church service he was at and i got a revelation. why i have been struggling so much with this cleansing. so this manifested!

2nd dream
so i see him in a church preachn to youth and barely talkks just hugs me or he doesnt even hug me. this does happen in reall life it being played out as i speak or already has. hes focused on preaching and im wondering(while i come to every event he is at which i usally do in real life) why hes not talkin to me. so then he goes to the bathroom in my dream and i stand on the outside(represents me interceding) i can see everything goin on in the bathroom. (the lord is showing me this) there are two doors open to an elementary classroom(immutrity). he get toilet paper(he needs help in an area of life) and gets some urine on the seat.(missed the mark were not perfect) i go inside and say to my self oh.. no.. im locking this. i struggle the first time the second i succeed. then i go and clean the urine. to my self i think its ok and i could feel myself want to get angry but overcame it quick. manifestation... he talks sometimes but careful not to get close to me/or any female for that reason(to stay focused on God) and so there was an issue that occured that i found out bout him that hurt me and i thought as a young preacher he would prolly over came that. i was hurt and didnt want him as my husband. so then god showed me in dream that i need to intercede and that was me help cleaning up urine and forgiving him(not getting angry) then with my forgiveness i was able to get cleansed easily...

ok i need help with the rest...

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