Dream about Aunty that died last year

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Dream about Aunty that died last year

Post by unaday* on Thu Jan 06, 2011 11:28 am

I dreamt that I found myself in the back seat of a car with my closest friend. Then i realized that Uncle (aunty husband) was driving and Aunty (who died last year) was in the passenger seat and my mom was in the car also.

We were driving passed Uncle and auntiehouse. (it was the actual house in real life) Aunty Gloria was looking out the window and was like "wow...wow...yup that's it...my house...wow..it still looks good...can really believe I'm not there anymore. Boy...wow."

Then Auntie turns to my friend and I and asked us what we dreamt. BTW her teeth were big and white still ( since she died i dream her with a message and her teeth are always really big and white--maybe a sign of intercession?) My goes first and tells Auntie her dream ( the dream was not heard in the dream but i knew that she spoke out the dream). When my friend was done Auntie looked at my mom. For some reason at this point my mom was in a middle seat in the front. Auntie said to my mom "Did you hear that dream" My mom said " Yes mi dear" Auntie said, "I believe it means..." and then she mouth something to my mom. So my and I try read what she said. Then my mom said " You think it means...." Then my mother mouthed it back to Auntie and we are trying desperately to see what the dream meant. Then finally I got it. Auntie was mouthing that my friend's dream meant "Retribution".

Then auntie turned to me and asked what was my dream. I said "I can't tell you guys- you will laugh at me. It is not nearly as powerful as my friend's!" So everybody kept saying - just tell the dream. BTW Uncle does not talk or move in this dream...he just drives the car.
So i said "Oh Alright"

Then i proceeded to tell a dream I actually had in real life. I said to Auntie: "I dreamt that I was in front of an elevator in a building and all the walls were pink. Two lady's from church were with me waiting for the elevator. Then one decided to get in right away and so we cried out to her that there was no floor in the elevator! We scared her but were joking so she went down in the elevator. The elevator came back up and took the other lady down to where she had to go. Then finally I got on the elevator- nervous because i hate elevators. All around was still pink. Then i started to sing an African song i learned in real life: Jehovah eh Jevovah ah, you are the most high you are the most high God! In a slow worshipping way. I sang it a few times. Then I went back to the Jehovah eh Jehovah ah and kept singing that part and then this power came over my body and I started to sing it in a more powerful way that my body could feel it- like an anointing just hit me. Then i looked up as the elevator went up- the ceiling of the elevator was glass clear glass and I kept singing and looking up."

So then Auntie said, "Pink? Wow, you must be pregnant. there must be a baby girl."
I was like, "Huh? no way" I was expecting a different intepretation-nothing to do with children!
Then she turned to my mom and said: "She might be pregnant you know"
My mom said , "Yes"
Then auntie said to my mom, "She saw pink".
Then auntie turned to me and said: "Don't worry my dear- when there is a death then comes life. I died. So now a baby must come."

the end.......

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Re: Dream about Aunty that died last year

Post by Hiskid on Sun Jan 09, 2011 7:24 pm

Unaday, this is beautiful. It would be wonderful if the Lord sent you a daughter! Cheering
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