old house & driving dream

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old house & driving dream

Post by cherylhawaii on Wed Jan 05, 2011 5:17 pm

Appreciate any help with this.

I dreamed that I drove (an older model stationwagon) up to the back door of the house I lived in when I was 1st married. The ground was muddy like it had been raining hard for a while and I didn't go around to the front because the path going around the house was submerged in muddy water and I didn't want to walk in that water. I got out of the car and went to the back door of the house. (while I lived there the back door was very flimsy and old and could probably be pushed over easily) I noticed that the house had been fixed up and the back door was fixed & solid now. I called threw the window saying "Hi It's me. I'm at the back door". Someone came to open it. The next thing I remember is we all got in the stationwagon but the father of the family that was living in the house was driving, the mother and I sat in the front seat along with her baby and the kids were in the back seats with one other adult I didn't know but was a woman. We were going on to a military base to the beach. The father and mother were about my age or maybe a couple years older than me. Their names were James & Tina. (In reality, I used to be in a Catholic Charismatic Prayer group with James and Tina from 1997 - 2001 and these were the same people in my dream) We got to the gate of the military base and the guard stopped us. He made the lady in one of the back seats get out. She was wearing a jacket and he swabbed her jacket like the TSA people do and went into the guard shack. He came back and said he had to retain her because he found a substance/residue on her jacket. I thought "OH no, does she do drugs?". Tina handed me her baby and got out of the car and said she would stay with the lady (I guess since she was her friend). I tried to keep the baby hidden from the guard because it wasn't in a car seat and I didn't want us to get in more trouble. We drove on to the beach and I wondered what was going to happen to them and why a mother would abandoned her baby to help someone doing drugs.
I felt like the residue on her jacket was from drugs. There were several kids in the car but I don't know exactly how many and they were James & Tina's kids.

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