Freedom from something?

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Freedom from something?

Post by kislj on Wed Jan 05, 2011 3:25 pm

had this dream please help if possible

My friends were in their own beds there was this man lying on the floor expecting to have sex with me, I had told him I would. The friends in their beds knew about it but couldn't say anything they were not happy about it. I changed my mind but didn't voice it in a direct way but the man picked up what I was meaning by my actions immediately and tried to hit me with a golf club but somehow missed.

I was then in someone elses house that I had been living in with my sister. We were moving out and about to start packing but my mum stopped us and said she would do it we could just leave as she was going to be staying a bit longer. She found an antisickness tablet in the kitchen and said it belonged to the owner they must be medical or something.

I saw the back of a man with a figure who was wrapped up like an egyption mummy both in a canoe.I know the mummy was his wife and she was dead.I also knew that a companion of his that had been with him on his journey from war/captivity had been murdered there. It was like he had fled from captivity and was moving to freedom but there had been some severe losses for him and despite the freedom he felt sad.

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