Disturbing Presence in House Dreams

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Disturbing Presence in House Dreams

Post by Milk2Meat on Mon Jan 03, 2011 5:58 am

I have had many dreams with this same theme over approx 10 years. I would sense a troubling presence and would be in a large house, sometimes the house was mine (one that we just built or bought) and sometimes it would not be.

There would be a little girl maybe 7-10 yrs old. Wow her presence would really freak me out. I would know what room she was in and I would avoid that room. Sometimes Id have this dream several times in a month and Id know its coming again so I would prepare for it by saying I will confront this spirit. I would try to get close to it and see if I can find out why its houding me but in the end the presence brought with it such an unsettling feeling (not really in a sense of being scared) but just a freakish feeling like my body could not handle being in this presence. Maybe how some folks cant listen to fingers go across a chalkboard. So after trying to be close to figure things out I would end up rebuking it and it would go away. If I went back to the area where I saw it in my dream though it would come back until I rebuked it again.

Im really trying to keep this short so if anyone feels they need more details I can provide them. What I have written is what is consistent about the dreams as a whole.
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