Lots of Cell Phones Charging!

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Lots of Cell Phones Charging!

Post by nubava on Sun Jan 02, 2011 7:15 pm

I was looking for my cell phone, I entered the first floor of a building was searching for my phone but couldn't find it. Meanwhile I saw lots of cell phones charging, I even recognized my father's cell phone, then my mother's but still couldn't find mine. Then I went to the second floor and the same picture there. After this I wanted to go to the third floor but there was a sign that the elevator was broken, so I couldn't go up. Then I found myself wearing a white winter coat and in the pocket of the coat I found my cell phone - also white(IRL my phone is white). Suddenly on the display of the phone I saw red sign, as if a text message had been received but I was disappointed as I hadn't got a text message and that red sign was indicating that my phone is running out of battery. I showed it to my mom who was on my right and then put it back into the pocket.

Any ideas?
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