Dream of Beach, water and farmer

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Dream of Beach, water and farmer

Post by John7 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 10:47 am

Hello again friends, I would like to share some background of recent events in my life, and then I would also like to share a dream.

Last year was the worst year of my life. I wanted to commit suicide a number of times, and I was also poisoned twice, and the poison made me extremely ill for almost the entire year. I could not understand why God could allow this to happen, I was in such pain, that I was contemplating suicide just to stop the pain. Even if I went to hell, i felt the flames of hell would have been better than the pain I was expriencing. It was that bad.

Recently I had a dream that did encourage me, and hoping you can comment as to whether you think its from the Lord or if you have any suggestions etc, they are most welcome.


I was in the beach in the water and I saw children playing in the water around me. A man then approached me in the water who I knew, it was a relative of mine who is a farmer, and he said to me, "Next year is going to be a better year."

Any comments or suggestions about this dream are appreciated, and let me thankyou for taking the time to read my brief testimony and dream. God bless you.
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