Definitely! God is doing something in me!

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Definitely! God is doing something in me!

Post by ggyal on Sun Jan 02, 2011 4:13 am

Hey everybody! God is doing something in me for sure! I am the excited girl that posted my first topic last week about the huge tree and husband that God showed me! ROFL. Thanks again to those who responded. Am on this site now more than any other site, am so excited.

Anyhoo... I keep writing my dreams down and more and more I realize that God is doing something in me

This morning I had a very vivid dream involving my Pastor's wife. I am not so sure I can relate it as I saw it because I find relating what I saw in dreams can be difficult because sometimes what i see or perceive is not clear-cut. but hear goes...

I dreamt that I was at her house (which i usually am as she is like my mom) and she was having some minor repairs done (new curtain rods) things like that, and for some reason there was a huge hole where the kitchen window should have been, like the repair guy removed the entire kitchen window and forgot to put it back. We only saw the hole after the repair guy left. And we were concerned that someone would try to come into her house because of the missing window.

While we were mulling around deciding how to get the window covered, I saw that there appeared a huge plank over it, nailed over it and none of us did it, so i said to her, look God nailed a plank over it for you, you don't have to worry (to rea-assure her, at least for the moment that she is safe).

i was amazed in the dream because seconds before the plank, there was a gaping hole, and WE didnt fix it.

A minute or two later I saw us walking, me with her and a few other sisters from church, and next to each of us was an angel. and i kept telling mom (as i call her).. "look, cant you see the angels walking with us, can't you see them?"... and i was so excited about that, that i started doing cartwheels in the dream. lol.

Just before waking, i heard in my ears a voice talking about angels and how God is using them to protect us (cant remember the exact phrase) but that was the gist, "the angels are protecting".

I woke up. Got the phone to call mom to relay what happened (after i wrote it down).

it was about 6:30am and she was already up (that alone was strange since she usually wakes at 3am to pray and go back to sleep).

I told her i called to re-assure her that the angels of God are watching and protecting her and does she have a concern where security is concerned? and then i told her the dream about the open kitchen window space and how God showed me angels protecting.

She then started to tell me that the last thing she said to a friend before she went to sleep the night before, was her concern about the kitchen window, because a few nights before she awoke in the middle of the night to find the lowest of the windows wide open. what Anything could have happened during the night, someone could have come in. She told me it is a real concern for her, and something that she has been worried about.

So wow! i was able to encourage her and tell her that God is protecting her and has angels watching.

She encouraged me to keep praying, keep interceding as that was a true word of wisdom for her at this time.

There was another dream i had the night before that i wrote down and didn't mean to share with her (about her relative) and after we started speaking, i decided to tell her that one as well, and it turns out, just what i dreamt two nights ago happened, and my dream was spot on. She even told me word for word how it played out, and that its a situation that needs ongoing prayer.

In that dream, i saw the person and their emotions, everything. And when i told her, that was their exact mannerism in real life.

Woo-hooo. So am kinda stoked about this. I was able to tell her that God has been showing me things in dreams and i have been writing them down. actually i have been doing that for months and never shared it with anyone because i was not sure what was happening to me. And i was kind scared, and still am concerned, that persons would say, "who you?"... i know you and who are you for God to tell anything... " (I shared my past in my previous post last week) and that is still a fear of mine but i know for sure that God is speaking to me. But i will keep writing my experiences down and keep it all in the "secret place" of the most High.!!!!!

Wooo-hhooooooo!!!!!! happy dance

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Re: Definitely! God is doing something in me!

Post by Delightful soul on Sun Jan 02, 2011 5:04 am

Praise him! What comes to mind is that scripture about how a prophet isn't welcome in his home town . I wouldn't say "who me" but praise him for he is confirming to you that you are indeed hearing from him!


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Re: Definitely! God is doing something in me!

Post by kellsy2004 on Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:34 am

Good for you ggyal. God is definitely at work in your life and sharpening His gift in you.It's usually daunting and scary at first when you begin to move in the spirit,but you will begin to get the hang of it and be a 'pro' and teach others how to hear from God.stay tuned and stay blessed ggyal thumbs

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Re: Definitely! God is doing something in me!

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