Dreaming of 2 Babies

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Dreaming of 2 Babies

Post by Oak and Palm on Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:46 pm

Within the last several weeks I have had a couple of dreams about 2 babies. The first dream was in 2 parts

Part 1-The first part was about me talking with Beyonce, something to do about her hair. She was getting her hair done and I stood watching while she got it styled.

***(It should be noted that I have often associated myself with Beyonce because I admired her fashion style and taste. But that this is the first time that she had ever appeared in any of my dreams)

2nd part: Beyonce had come to my house. She wanted me to pray for her. She had a miscarriage several months ago and wanted me to pray that she would be able to get pregnant again and have her baby this time. She said “would you pray for me, I was pregnant with twins but I lost one so I lost them both" I told her that I would pray for her. I put on some Christian music for her to listen to and went to get my anointing oil from my bedroom closet. Normally, I carry my oil in my purse but for some reason it was in my bedroom closet. When I got to the closet I couldn’t get to it because there was a huge mess of clothes, boxes, etc blocking my way to the closet entrance. I remember thinking that all of that stuff shouldn’t be there because I am always so organized about my home. So I never got to pray for her. I remember being disappointed because she needed my help and she wanted her baby so badly and I was not able to help her because I couldn't get to my oil.

This morning I had yet another dream about 2 babies

12/31/2010- I am leaving the church sanctuary. I am happy and filled with His love. It was a good service. I am on the stairway landing inside the sanctuary and when I look down there are 2 babies on the stairway. One of the babies, a boy, is on the first step lying on his stomach and the other is on the next step down, (I think its a girl) also lying on its stomach. I take a look at the babies and am horrified that someone would just leave their babies on the step like that. The babies could fall and get hurt. I got a sense that the parents were down at the bottom of the stairs but not caring or paying attention. I walked down a few of the steps to look at the babies. They were curled up and quiet. I remember being outraged and walked up the stairs to tell Pastor that someone had just left their babies on the steps where they could get hurt. I remember being absolutely indignant at this treatment and upset that they did not care about their babies. I was going to go and tell Pastor about this. I walked away and then I realized that the babies could fall and get hurt while I was gone, so I turned around and walked back toward them. When I got there I saw the baby on the first step fall down the stairs and hurt himself, his back, badly. The second baby was going to fall also so I ran towards it and managed to get there in time. I grabbed both babies and put them next to my stomach, very closely pressed to my body. Almost like I cocooned or swaddled them so close to me that my hands were free. I could feel their weight as I walked around but now they were tucked so close to me that they were no longer visible.

I wanted these parents to get what they deserved for leaving the babies like that, so I walked toward the Pastor ready to “tell on them” and make sure that they got a good talking to for putting these babies at risk. I remember being convicted that if I would have moved the babies out of harm’s way when I first saw them instead of being in such a rush to get the parents into trouble then the baby would not have gotten hurt. I pushed it aside and went inside the sanctuary where the congregation had been assembled to deal with these neglectful parents. I wanted the parents to get what was coming to them. As I was walking to my seat someone in the pulpit, up above me, said to me “Pastor wants all of us to take responsibility for what happened to the babies”. Mainly he was talking to me and, again, I was convicted because I should have moved the babies, but I ignored it and said “you do you and I’ll do me” (meaning: you mind your business and I'll mind mine) and I walked away to find my seat, still wanting the parents to "get theirs".

***(It should be noted that I am not normally an unforgiving or vengeful type of person. Even in my dream I could not understand why I was so angry at the parents about wanting them to "get theirs". And the "you do you and I'll do me comment is so unlike me, that it surprised me even when I said it).

The next thing I remember is that as I was exiting the church, Pastor was talking to someone and I walked up to him, happy, and he turned to me smiling and said “We have another Marnie at church now”. He had written my name down on a piece of paper but he wrote it as Marnie 9 to differentiate between me and the other Marnie. I knew because I signed everything with 9 and that it was a part of everything I did that he must have associated it with me and must have assumed that my last name was 9. I took his pen and scratched out the 9 and wrote my last name down and told him “no Pastor, my last name is not 9, its Ba***”. I turn and as I am leaving church, a woman and a man walk inside the doors. I am about to welcome them in and tell them how great this church is, but I sense their excitement and that they already know how great it is and that they want to be here. They had been trying to find their way inside for some time. They have a sheet of paper in their hands with the number of the door in which they were suppose to get inside the church through. Each of them had a different number on their paper. Hers had a 3 on it and his had a 6 on his. She ran inside just ahead of him, excited and happy to be inside. She held her paper out to a person standing there as if it were her ticket to get inside the sanctuary. The man said to me smiling and happy to have finally made it, "we have been trying to get inside but couldn't figure it out". She said, as she was handing her paper over, "it doesn't matter now, we're here". They were confused earlier about how to get inside but now they understood and were happy. I remember thinking how great it was that they never gave up looking for a way inside.

I have been in prayer about this dream all day and your Holy Spirit Interpretations and thoughts are very much appreciated.

Thank you,


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