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Post by HisLightbeam on Fri Dec 31, 2010 7:40 pm

i dreamt that i was previewing a dash cam of two of my officers, and

that younger one was doing idiot things in the squad car. in the

next scene, i was at a call with my supervisor, and there were two

children who had braids. they were hungry. their guardians were in

the adjoining room getting high. the other officer from the first

scene was going in, and we couldn't find a light. i was thinking, this

is not even protocol. he is just walking in a dark room, he doesn't

know how many people were here and if they have weapons. i ran

out to the car and got a standard issue flashlight. i went back in

and high-beamed the guardians. i asked the children to step out

and another officer put them in the car. Then we investigated the

parents, checked them out, etc. Fast forward. The person who

called the issue in wanted to treat us to lunch, so they fried some

small turkeys and potatoes and white gravy came with it. i got a half

off discount. i have to tell you it looked very unappetizing, but i

wanted to give the smaller plates to the children, because i thought

they might be hungry. i walked over to the table where the

supervisor was sitting and chatting with an elderly gentleman and

indicated for him to eat the food. he motioned for the elderly

gentleman to go ahead and taste it, and he kept talking with him. i

said, "but i bought this for you." then i reconsidered and said, go

ahead, man. that's nothing. thinking to myself why i made this

small thing an issue. end of dream.

IRL, i laugh at small issues, and also, IRL, me and this particular

supervisor just started getting along, because he would always speak

to me in a derogatory manner. I don't respond well to that type of

verbage, but i have to remember that my life is not my own.

Whatever I do, wherever I work, whoever I meet, I must always,

always remember that I represent Christ, and that I must do

everything positively.


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