A crab in my dream

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A crab in my dream

Post by slisar on Fri Dec 31, 2010 6:49 am

Not sure this means anything, but I am curious of what it could if it does.

In my dream I was walking down a hallway in a large hotel. I saw something that looked odd, but thought it was trash on the floor. I walked past then went back and bent down to see it. It was a crab. He was sitting up with his head upwards acting as if he didn't see me or I couldn't see him. He had what looked like an umbilical cord coming from his shell onto the floor and my thought was that he was trying to look like a piece of trash or something on the floor so no one would think he was a crab. Not liking crabs, I walked away, but kept looking back in case he wanted to come after me, but he never moved.

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