old woman in dream warning me

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old woman in dream warning me

Post by Homeschool23 on Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:02 pm

I rarely dream, about 2 times a year that I remember and they usually are not anything worth remembering. But this dream won't leave me.

The dream started off like this:
I was in a building with my son and was anxious to leave so I went to the car which was a white volvo, around a 1998 model, which is not a car I own and sat in it. I started the car to turn on the heat and a few moments it backed out of the space by itself. I couldn't get it in gear to make it go back into forward (it was a stick shift) and then I saw a friend of my son in another car. I knew that he owned the same model so I asked him after rolling down the window to come help me. He sat in the front seat and showed me how to shift it into neutral and then into 1st. It went into the parking place and I continued to sit in the idling car when all of the sudden I was face down in the same parking lot a few rows back (about 4) and when I looked up I noticed the parking lot was covered in snow and people were walking away from the building. They did not notice me or at least I didn't see them notice me. I distinctly said to myself "I am dreaming" because I knew that just a few seconds earlier I had been sitting in the car. I have never said those words before in a dream and it was odd to be having a dream in a dream. As I continued to look at the parking lot, the building and the people walking toward and beyond me, and I was still belly down flat on the ground I could see under a car and in the middle I could see something wrapped in what looked like a plastic walmart bag. I crawled toward it on my belly and reached under the car and pulled back the bag. Sitting with her knees tucked up was an old woman, haggard, with grayish blond hair that was stringy but thick, and she looked dead at me and said:
"You must be strong. There is a storm coming." And then the parking lot started to rumble like a storm in the distance was happening. I woke up completely then. I felt like it was real, like it really happened. Having the dream in the dream was very unsettling and I have not been able to get her words out of my mind.

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