Ministering to a large group of people?

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Ministering to a large group of people?

Post by victoriouspalmbranch on Wed Dec 29, 2010 10:11 pm

Two nights ago I dreamed I was in a large auditorium type place. There were some other people with me and I think we were going to speak before a large group of people. The people were African American. I noticed specifically that the crowd was not a mixture of races, but all African American. And I think the city was "Cleveland, Oh." I stood beside 3 chairs. I was supposed to be seated in one of them. I stood watching as the seats in the audiotrium were filled and the room became overcrowded. And I worried that there wouldn't be enough seating for all the people who were coming into the room. As I stood waiting a father and his two children, a little boy and a baby, perhaps another boy came and sat in the three seats where I was going to sit. I went into an ajoining room where I found more African American people and I wondered why they hadn't joined in the auditorium. Was it too crowded? Was there no room for them. Then I noticed that they were being served food from a kitchen window (like you might find in a school) and sitting at tables to eat. These people apparently neede to be "fed" before they could go into the auditorium. For some reason I left and started walking toward the city..... tall buildings. And when I turned to head back, I found I wasn't on the same street which I had walked towards the city. I got lost and couldn't find my way back. I used a cell phone to call my sister to come get me and take me back to the place where I was going to speak, or minister with the others. (In real life I woke up to the alarm clock which in my dream I mistook for the ringing cell phone)

This is not the only dream I've had in this past month in which I got lost. In the others I misplaced my vehicle and couldn't get back home.

Now I think the Lord has been showing me how I became impatient with growing in prophetic ministry this past year. But this dream made me wonder if he intended for me to minister to a certain group of people, ethinic wise?

And what would the city of Cleveland, Oh represent?
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