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Room of Grace

Post by Hannah on Wed Dec 29, 2010 1:32 pm

Dear reader

Thanks for your time, I hope you can help me to understand the following dream:

Dream: My husband and I were walking on a street, it was sandy at times and we were coming and going from a house we were lodging in. It was a rented house that our Senior Pastor was re-mortgaging again. The second time my husband and I left the house, I noticed he had all his bags with him and a security box. I said that he could have left them at the house. He smiled, but I knew he want to keep them with him. I returned to the house alone that afternoon. At the house I soon discovered, I was able to move freely throughout the whole house and access to areas others did not have. I visited Grace’s room a couple of times. The first time I entered through the door, the second time everyone, including the Senior Pastor had to step over her desk which was in front of her door, to assesses the room, obtain rent from Grace and let/rent out the room Grace was staying in. The third time I visited Grace’s room, I entered through an security control room window. I went to take a good look at Grace and for whatever reason was compelled to keep going to see Grace. Grace spoke to me, I did not know her name was Grace on the first couple of visits, I had to ask, for I only saw her initial G on dusty pieces of white paper or card, which people kept picking up or putting down.

There were a couple of girls sharing a room with Grace. Ladies called Yasama, and other common names. Grace had a daughter, I saw her once before looking tidy, but on the third visit she looked unkempt and her hair was messy, she had grown taller and was leaning in towards her mother, Grace. Nonetheless, she was sleeping in the room with her mother, Grace. As I stepped down from Graces dressing table, to climb over it. Grace said to me: “It does suit me though" in reference to her room fixtures and fittings, they were girly childlike, full of pink toys, dolls, girlish. I replied, after looking at Grace and they way she looked. “Yes it does suit you (meaning the room)." Albeit, it was somewhat cluttered and a bit messy. As I left again, I left through the small security window in the security control office, and landed without falling. I went into the corridor outside the office and unexpectedly there was a guard standing there smiling with a door pass, which leads back into the main sections of the house. He tried to make a pass at me by licking his lips; I ignored it and quickly went through the door. As went through into a corridor of the main house, I went toward a lift and another man got in the lift with me, I wanted to go up, he pressed the button for level four to go down, it went down to ground level, and led to the back entrance of the house. There was a flight of stairs on the left of me, as I looked outside the elevator.

I needed to go up, some people were walking up the stairs and waiting at ground level, they were glad to be able to get a lift to go up. The lift compartment now changed into a skip shaped vehicle running on a railway track. This new lift compartment was filled with the new people, plus me and the man; we collected when the elevator lift reached the ground level. The skip elevator travelled left towards another elevator which was at the end of the track which was going up. The elevator lift doors were open, and full of the sand and traces of mud which was heaped at the end of the track behind the railway buffers at the end of the line. When I saw the mud and sand, I thought to myself it’s a good job I am not wearing a pair of Jimmy Choos! People started to climb out of the skip and myself and another lady were positioned in the back left and right corner of the travelling skip and as it began to come to a halt the corners became like rubber and we became embedded in between the side of the skip, it folded in on itself at the corners! Neither one of us understood why that occurred; nonetheless we both got out of the skip and began to climb up onto the platform and into the lift. The dream ended.

Thanks for your interest

Warmest regards

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