[b]Giving birth to a baby named Nicki[/b]

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[b]Giving birth to a baby named Nicki[/b]

Post by Hannah on Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:17 am

Hey, I'm practicing at understanding my dreams, and I am not sure if this is a direct prophetic word but I would like to know what the following dream means.

Dream: A wife was in the hospital, pregnant and in the process of giving birth. By the time the husband reached the hospital his wife had already had the baby, a baby girl. And the wife had already named the baby, Nicki. The husband was surprised that the wife did not wait to name the baby until he arrived at the hospital, so they could name the baby together.

The wife explained that the name was given to her, and she went ahead and named the baby. The husband asked: “How do you spell the name?” The wife replied: “Nicki” Then the husband suggested: “We could spell the baby's name as 'Nikki' to make it more stylish." The husband asked the wife: "What does the name Nicki mean?” The wife replied: “It means goodness.” The dream ended.

Thank you for your response,

Warm regards

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