President dreams. Please help interpret.

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President dreams. Please help interpret.

Post by Dadiso on Tue Dec 28, 2010 6:18 am

First of all I want to thank the Lord God for leading me to this forum. Of late I have been having dreams that I know mean something; but am not sure of their interpretation.

Among the most notable of my dreams is this recurring dream that includes president Obama. First time I dreamt I was with Michelle Obama, sitting around a table with others doing bible study. I saw myself talking to Michelle at the end of the study session, before she moved off. I then saw myself talking to Barack Obama, discussing the political situation in my country (I live in the UK but am originally from Zimbabwe). Later I was in my car driving and Barack was sitting in the passenger seat, but was instructing me on how to drive well.

About three weeks later, i dreamt I was outside a house that I knew to belong to the Obama's. It seemed they had gone out and I was waiting for them to return. Later they returned and they welcomed me, we chatted and they were telling me they had gone to visit a friend. Nothing significant in this dream but nonetheless is important in that it makes the dream theme recurring.

About a month later I dreamt I was walking and passed by a house belonging to the ex-president George Bush. I saw Laura Bush at the front of the house. She had an apron on and seemed to be sorting laundry. She then took about five or six ties; these ties were very beautiful and looked expensive, and she handed them to me saying, " You can have these ties if you want. George does not want them anymore." I could not believe it. I was thinking, " These are the ties that George used to wear as president." I felt very honoured to have them. Later I saw myself with two women that I do not know in real life, but in my dream they did not seem to be strangers. One of them asked me for one tie and I refused to give her any. after she begged, I gave her one and also gave one to the other woman. I then woke up.

Then yesterday, 27th December, I dreamt I was with president Obama again. I was talking to him, again about the political situation in Zimbabwe. I do not recall anything he said to me; it seems I was doing most of the talking and he was listening.

I know there is a meaning to these dreams but I need help to interpret them. Please help.

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Re: President dreams. Please help interpret.

Post by Godchick on Tue Dec 28, 2010 4:51 pm

May I ask a question, Dadiso,

Who is president Obama to you personally? Describe him to me, along with George Bush... because they could symbolize other people of authority in your life who you respect...
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