With a pastors wife and her daughter and a man trying to move to a new place.

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With a pastors wife and her daughter and a man trying to move to a new place.

Post by hisbeauty4ashes on Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:54 am

Greetings dear ones,

I had this dream needing confirmation.


The dream starts out that I was with a pastors wife and her child and a man and we are driving to find a place to live in another State. We are all looking at houses in the mountains and we needed to be some where to watch something important on the TV at a certain time. This pastors wife who I do no know in the natural says she knew someone lived where we were looking at houses that we would go there and I notice we are driving alongside the ocean as the man was the one who was driving. So the guy who was with us also knew someone where we were looking at houses but we decided on the pastors wife's friends house well the man got made as he changed seats with the pastors wife so she could drive and he said something really mean and nasty to her. I got upset and told him to apologize to her it was wrong to disrespect her.He apologized.

Blessings and thanks huggies.
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Re: With a pastors wife and her daughter and a man trying to move to a new place.

Post by Dove-Solutions on Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:13 pm


These are my thoughts. I am still learning the interpretation part so please pray over what I say.

My immediate thought here is the pastors wife and her child. When I think of that I think of the Church and a ministry within the church. When I think of the driving I think it may be the way the church is going toward in a particular ministry. When you drive by the ocean I think that maybe you are both walking together in agreement with the man driving the car. The man driving is someone that has current control over a situation within the church and Pastors wife objects to that direction and that angers him and he tries to get a foot hold to make her change her mind but she holds her ground and you defend her or come into agreement with her and he comes back under the authority of Pastors wife. The mountain indicates to me one of two things. Either an obstacle that seems way bigger than it is or a meeting place with the Lord. I am not clear on that here. I hope this speaks to your spirit.

God bless,

Connie praying praying praying

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