flying near a university and the sea

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flying near a university and the sea

Post by unfailing_love on Sat Dec 25, 2010 2:31 am

I was flying on a horse/dog( cant remember exactly) and I could control it well. I had a girl from my church behind me as we flew. we flew near a castle that looked like the university i'm thinking of going to and over the sea. Then at one point we crashed into the sea.
Then I was at a lighthouse and I asked God to give me a unicorn to fly on but it didnít appear. I was looking at a donkey and a dog but none of them seemed right. I was looking for ways to jump off the building and fly. At one point I was at a beach.
i have an idea of what this could mean but i need confirmation.i've been praying a lot about where God wants me to go to study so i feel its really important that i can interpret my dreams correctly. thank you :)

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