Traveling on airplane to London

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Traveling on airplane to London

Post by WorshippingWarrior on Tue Dec 21, 2010 10:54 am

I had a dream this morning that I was traveling on an airplane. It was a very unique airplane. The walls inside the plane were plastered with a light gold color. I said in my dream, "This is first class." I got to sit in the first class section on the plane. The plane was on its way to London. London was the half way point to our destination.

We were being served a meal on the plane. I ordered chicken. There was a lady sitting across from me. She asked if they could separate her chicken. In other words, the leg and the thigh usually come attached but she asked if they would cut them into two pieces. She had a breast and a wing. They said that it would be no problem to detach the breast from the wing. I asked them to also do it to the young girl's chicken who was sitting across from me.

In the dream I started to feel weak. A lady who was sitting next to me said, "You need some protein." I said to her, "I ordered chicken." "Isn't that protein?"

The lady had ordered her a small steak. She said to me, "I ordered me a steak."
I said, "I think instead of chicken I will order me a small steak instead." (I was hestiant to do it because my stomach does not digest beef well at times). There was a lady who I used to attend school with who was our waitress. (Her name is Jackie). I asked her if she would give my new order to our waitress. She did. I gave her my receipt.

I began to look around London. I said, "London is different." I felt uncomfortable being there because I had never been out of the country. The people were walking down the street acting strange. I then sat beside a man who was from England and he began to explain the culture of London to me. I felt safe sitting beside this man. We were listening to the radio while we were there. I thought it was strange.

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