Red Suitcases

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Red Suitcases

Post by WorshippingWarrior on Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:54 am

I had a dream that a young man in his 30's was bringing a lot of clothing donations to a donation site. My spiritual mother, Sarah (who was standing outside the door) said to him, "Does Cheryl (me) know that you are bringing all of this? (As she said this she spoke as if I was the person in authority there). The young man said to her, "Some of this is my brothers ."

I walked up to the door and as I was looking inside I noticed red suitcases. They were brand new. I said to my spirirtual mother, "I sure would like to have that luggage." She did not say anything.

A lady came in from another direction. My spiritual mother said to her, "Cheryl wants that luggage." The lady said, "Cheryl can't have it." "I already said that I wanted it."

I thought to myself I really do want this luggage. I need it.

Note: In the natural, I do have a desire to have new luggage.

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