Getting Married

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Getting Married

Post by WorshippingWarrior on Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:19 am

I had a dream that I said to a man that I was marrying in a dream, "We should have talked about this before we decided to get married but " what are we going to do about my check?" "What do you want to do about my check?" He said, "Don't worry about it. We will have it direct deposit in my account at Golden Valley." He was driving the car and I was sitting in the back seat. I started saying to myself, "Can I really trust him with my money?" I then said to myself, "I believe that he is a man that I can trust."

He drove us to a place where we were to be married. I was laying on a bed and Dr. Phil walked into my room while I was eating ice cream. I said to him, "Dr. Phil this is the last ice cream I am going to eat before I get married. I said, "I won't eat ice cream anymore after I am married. (I wanted to stay in shape for my husband). " He looked at me and started laughing. He laughed so hard that he was on the floor laughing.

After this, my husband-to-be and I got married. I could not see his face neither the first time nor the second time.

The dream switched to an area in the, building where our wedding reception was going on. I was greeted with a smile by Dr. Phil's wife, Robin. She had on a black dress. It was a nice evening dress. You could see the people dancing and having a good time at our wedding reception. A band was playing and the people were dancing.

Note: When I awaken the next morning, I found on the internet that there is a Golden Valley Bank located in Chico, CA. I had no knowledge of this.

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