Hello, everyone! (Tamekia Simmons-Echols)

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Hello, everyone! (Tamekia Simmons-Echols)

Post by tamekiasimmons on Mon Dec 20, 2010 11:42 am

Hello, everyone. My name is Tamekia Simmons-Echols. I am 32 years old and live in Memphis, Tennessee. Around the age of 19 or 20, I got saved and started having dreams. So many dreams that I begin to wake up and tell my mother about them. At first she thought I was going crazy or something, but then she started to consider that something was different about them as well and told me to write them down. I did not because they were to many. Nobody knew about these dreams but my mother and I. Months later, a friend of my mothers told me that if I went to church with her, she would go to church with me. It never happened that she went to my church, but I ended up going to hers, which was the Lord's plan, although I didn't understand what He was doing that day. The day came for me to attend her church, my hair was not acting right, nothing was going right so I told my mother, my mother's friend, and my mother's boyfriend to go ahead and leave me, but when they got in the car, the car would not start. I continued to get dressed and when I went to the car, the car started. God would not let them leave without me. I didn't know He had a plan to tell me something that day. We got to the church and I am going to be honest, I really can't tell you what he preached on, but I remember the end quite well. I was reading something and had my head down. I sensed my mother getting my attention so I looked to the left and she was telling me that the preacher was talking to me. I looked up toward the front and the man said, "You, come here." I was afraid because I thought I was going to get blasted for not paying attention, but instead he continued and said, "Have you been having dreams and seeing stuff around your house?" He started describing the shadowy figures I was seeing and my dreams in detail and I looked back at my mother to ask had she told him, because I was shocked that he knew to much. She raised her hands and shook her head saying, "No." My mom's friends didn't even know what was going on. Then he spoke and said, "The Lord told me to tell you that You are a prophet." I can't remember much of anything else but him anointing this staff that was beautiful and putting this thing around my neck and anointing me with oil and then praying for me. Afterwards, I begin to have more dreams that always came true and they continue to this day. Lately, the Lord has started showing me visions while praying or scriptures in red on a black background, and I hear His voice audibly. I want to use this gift for His glory to help others and have asked the Lord for more of His gift to help others.

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Re: Hello, everyone! (Tamekia Simmons-Echols)

Post by lola21st on Mon Dec 20, 2010 12:08 pm

Praise the Lord, Tamieka!

Welcome to the site! :welcome:

I pray you are blessed here and continue to grow in your gift! :praiseg-d:

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