old house ,old cars and new cars

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old house ,old cars and new cars

Post by rachel07 on Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:42 pm

the dream started out my old house(it was broken down and just depressing place to be thats how i remember it) and me allowed to borrow my older guys car from my church. it was a new expensive jaguar. It was dusty with dirty onside some crumbs and dirt inside. i was afraid to look to see if there was like rotten food left in there. it had a constructions latter tied to the top of the car with rope. the outside then the guy comes up to me and says hes gonna need it bak for the christian conferance we were all goin to. so he leaves and i look up into the visor and there was trash fallin down alot stuffed up there and i found money i remember it bein from my brother who gave it to me. so then i really wanted to drive the car to the store when i knw he was comin bak to get it. as i thought i could sneak it away to the store than this girl i used to know in school (who always listen to the teachers and would always tell me if i did somethin wrong shes kinda like a goody toshoe but i know she is right) she comes up to me and says wait u cant take the car caus remember he needs it hes coming back. so i reposition the car so its easier for him to get out. so he can just pull foward and gettin ready to park it and then i see a very expensive foriegn like one of a kind car shiny.(it was the older guys Sons car it was parked) but the floor was so thin like i had a feeling i were to drive it. its whole car model would fall apart. then i end up bakin way far and i swerve and miss a few old broken downs cars and one old but in still good condition car. i bak up way far and all of a sudden i feel the holy spirit say stop u almost hit that truck(it was brocken engine taken out of it rusty) i was about 2 inches from hitting it. then i look to the right and there was a hill and it had a water fall flowing with clear water. and i remember thinkin i wished i could just flow like that water.(like in GOD) and i looked up like it was like in an open vision kinda me thinkin in my head two men(one heavier and one average size) laughin and makin fun of me like i cant flow like i used too.

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