About going to China.

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About going to China.

Post by steadygaze on Sun Dec 19, 2010 8:26 am

I will try and explain this dream as best as I can.


In this new church I have been going to in the natural was in the dream and they were mentioning something about going to China. There was this young girl who was suppose to go to China but because it was raining she could not go. I remember thinking what does raining have to do with going to China? but the pastor said if anyway felt led to go to China to go see this young girl. I thought nothing of China or going. I had this big 18 wheeler truck I had to drive somewhere and my real mom was with me for awhile and some how she disappeared. Well some how on this truck I felt the Lord tell me I was to go to China I had felt prompted. One of my tires went bad in my big rig and I was trying to find a place that carried this certain tire. The tires I had on my rig where made out of something special I want to say is supernatural. Anyway I finally find a place which was not easy to replace my tire. I go back to where I live with my rig and I tell my mom I am to go to china and then another country entered my mind but I can not remember what it was. Anyway I go to where this girl is staying who we were to go to if we wanted or was thinking about China. I go into their house and it is raining outside still and I talk with the girls mom for a bit then I go into see the girls and ask them to pray for me because now there are two nations I must decide on one. So the two girls pray over me in the living room and the living room was like a jungle.. After we are done praying I ask the girls why are they not going to China and they say to me, "it is raining and we do not want to get our hair wet and our nails wet." I was like what you would never make it in a third world country and then they said, "we just want to look good to the church." I was upset at the falsehood they represented in the church. I already knew their answer before they told me they just confirmed what I already knew. As I leave the house I speak to the Lord in my mind, "Lord I will go to China but I need an establishment of a ministry already there cause I know nothing about China and I want to learn." The next thing I know I am in China and I went to town with these to ladies and when I come back a man is standing at the table and he asks these girls if they have done it yet, I was not sure what he was talking about. Then the ladies shook their heads no, and he went to get two types of oil one fat from animals that was in a jar the other anointing oil and he began to rub my feet with oil it was a custom to rub each others feet with oil he told me. I remember thinking to myself. lol Lord is this man who is rubbing my feet the man for me?

Any insight would be great.
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