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Post by Patience on Sat Dec 18, 2010 9:45 am

Hie guys
I had a broken left wrist and a broken arm and my previous boyfriend was hugging me and squeezing me so much I was in so much pain.
Immediately after that I had a dream where I was looking after a new born baby with difficulty in breathing the nurses who were around me were not as competent in the emergency case. I was requesting for stuff and a lot of things were juss not working
I was angry and upset that they call themselves emergency nurses and they cannot deal with this so I decided to go and get help gave them instructions on what to do
to look after the baby. I went to look for the senior nurse who was in a teaching session right and all she gave me was a group of student nurses to look after this child.
I was upset and stormed off I thought she was going to arrange for a consultant paediatrician to see this child.
I got back only to find out this child was having high flow oxygen which was hot reddening the poor child’s face I was like ohhh my God NO!! n all the nurses and the student nurses were looking at me. The child was trying to get this off but because of the situation this child cud not do it by itself. It was nasty I was scared and at the same time angry for what these nurses had done leave the child to die on hot oxygen. I got up
Any thoughts would really help or does anybody understand or have any idea what broken bones mean or nursing an unwell near death child??

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