A girl I once cared for:

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A girl I once cared for:

Post by knight63 on Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:34 am

This is short dream i had last night. I had a dream of a girl that i used to have a huge crush on, come up to me looking for a book about Israel. As she questioned me about the book, i told her that i never even studied any books on Israel. She firmly said, "That's not what i asked!" Then i said with a quick response, "Shut up" as i walked away into a house. It felt as though i was in a small tent outside of a house during a hot sunny day. It may have been a garage/yard sale?

To give a short backdrop about her. I haven't seen her in over a year and i had a crush on her over two years ago that did not go very well. We both worked and went to school at the same ministry but not at the same time. She was an assistant to the leader over the school as interned with that leader. I was crazy about her but she was not.

So in the dream, i believe and felt the book belonged to the leader and she was looking for it. However, i wished things have ended better between us in real life but i have not really thought about her since. So there's nothing there such as bitterness or unforgiveness toward her just a lack of closure.

Back then, i really struggled with the fear of man with this leader and she was intimidating as well. My response in the dream was giving an excuse like i would back then, with fear. Before i said, shut up, i was fearful of talking to her because i liked her and was afraid of her boss at the same time. Then a confidence came over me and i said, "Shut Up!" firmly.



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