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Save the Princess!

Post by knight63 on Sat Dec 18, 2010 8:16 am

Hello Everyone:

I had a dream involving an old castle, like in the movies: knights, kings, queens and princesses. I do remember all aspects of the dream except this part about saving the princess.

In the dream, Orc (Like in Lord of the Rings) ransacked a castle before i made it there as i watched it go on like a movie. Then as i arrived and the castle was empty except a few Orc running around and the men that were with me destroyed the remaining ones.

However, the Orcs could not find the princess and as i was going to and fro the castle, i heard something in the wall. And sure enough, the princess can out of a secret room from hiding. Rumors were going around that she had been captured or killed prior to me finding her. The secret room was in fact, more like a dresser drawer to put clothing in but was made out of stone for a castle and the size to fit a human being. The stone drawer pulled out and there she was, beautiful and wearing a princess dress, liked the movies.

However, before i found her i found another object that the Orc were looking for, maybe there real reason for attacking the castle. It was a single pen for writing in a glass case. It was really nice looking, velvet for the pen to set in and glass for the top. I knew it was a special pen of great value and i was definitely going to hold onto it but there was no ink for the pen.

So when i found the princess, she was so thankful that we were in this room and there was a large jar that was beautiful and nice looking like an elegant perfume bottle. I cannot remember if she gave me the bottle personally or that i found it as i was going through a room with her.

The pen and ink obviously went together but one was in another location than the other and i believe it was overlooked because it was out in the open, sitting in a wood beam on a table or floor. The ink container was extremely large and had what looked to be a soap disperser top. The most interesting thing about the ink and pen, well, they were both alive. Just like the Beauty and Beast cartoon, these two things were alive and moved. The pen did not move as much as the ink bottle but i knew they were both alive. The ink bottle moved like a breathing living thing and the ink was crystal clear like water.

That's all i remember about the dream.

Thank you,


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