Need insight to this dream

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Need insight to this dream

Post by sudha on Sat Dec 18, 2010 12:44 am

Dear mia,

I thank you for the support. I have been going through a very difficult time, with fear predominating all, i thank you to throwing light upon it. With God's strength i am learning to face my fears.

Recently i prayed and asked the Lord to speak to me before i slept. i had another dream. My father, mother and I, parked our car on a hilly terrain. The blue mountain train was due to pass that area [this scene of hilly terrain and waiting for a train to pass me by to board it, i have seen before]. This time, my mother boarded the train, my dad and i were left to board a speeding train, my dad is 80yrs old and has a limp from a fracture, i wanted him to board first, i helped him onto the steps, the door was locked, i hung onto another support as the train sped. there was another person with us, speaking to the ticket collector of the train to open the door and take us in, my dad was almost going to be hit by a big steel boulder, i held my breath, the other person [whose voice i heard, but no flesh person], got the ticket collector to open the door just in time, to save him from being hit to death, and boarded him onto the train. I was still outside, hanging a pleading to be let in with tears streaming down my face, still the companion of the air was with me, continually goading the ticket collector to let me in. Just then, i was told to pay attention to my mother who had dropped dead, then with cardiac thumps was resuscitated by the ticket collector. In the meantime, i almost dropped my black purse with mobile, i held onto it, grasping my support outside the speeding train. Just when i thought i could not hold on, i was pulled inside the train and i woke up.

Looking for forward for your thoughts on this,


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