Falling in car

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Falling in car

Post by snoviello on Thu Dec 16, 2010 5:11 am

Hi all had this dream with my partner in ministry. Thanks for helping us with your gifts:

I was on a weekend trip with my friend in Georgia. We had a cocktail in a bar and then I went to drive her to her friendís house. I took a wrong turn and then my car fell off of a high area of the highway that was entering a parking garage into a hospital. My friend and I were removed from the car before it fell supernaturally. We began telling everyone that I had a dream that this would actually happen. I couldn't see the car and assumed it was totaled. Sue showed up and was crying in Christineís arms and I rolled my eyes because this was going disturb the plan. I didn't want the police to come because I had been drinking. We went into the hospital and received so much help from friends and authorities including the police. The car ended up being fine along with a dog of mine (who died this year in real life). The only damage was on the screen of a T.V. that was in the back of the car.

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