fraud and theft

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fraud and theft

Post by Lioness on Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:11 pm

had two dreams in the past two days that i feel like have something to do.. i just quite haven't come to a good interpretation for it

dream 1: i was walking around with my backpack (it's my backpack in real life, i use quite a lot)...i was at a place of my old secondary school that i graduated from 3 years ago (don't know if that place is important in the dream)
there were people all around (seemed like from a different country or i was in a different country) and they tried to steal out of my backpack. it happened many times that they tried and i felt very insulted. i started holding my backpack in front of my body to protect it more but they still tried it felt hopeless.
the end of the dream was that i found out that - at the police station- if they had stolen it/anything i would have gotten reimbursed with a lot of money but also for every time when they had tried to steal from me i'd get 25 Dollars. Now, i walked back out and told somebody with much more confidence than before. you are going to have to pay if you try to steal from me.

dream 2:
i went into a hair salon and let them do my hair. i didn't quite understand why i did because i had just had it done. but i suddenly found myself with lots of foil on my head to get blonde highlights. i was angry at myself i could not have said NO. because i did not need a new hair do. then i checked the price list and you paid for the percentage of hair you got highlighted 6 or 8 or 9 percent of your hair. i hoped i only had 8 percent of my hair highlighted because it was only 8.90 dollars.
when i went to the counter to pay i got a huge bill and i got really upset. .. it was 79.80 dolllars. one part of the bill was "counseling" of the guy that i was supposed to pay. he had not even done my hair and so i said... this is fraud... i will not pay for a service you do not even have a qualification in you can NOT charge me for that.
also i realized that the blonde highlights were REALLY messed up. it looked so bad. i wished it was only a dream and i would wake up and my hair was back to normal.
i refused to pay and said i would take the receipt with me and call the manager and walked out of the store.

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Re: fraud and theft

Post by Mia Sherwood on Fri Dec 10, 2010 3:24 pm

Both dreams seem to represent feeling taken advantage of and powerless over it.

This is either something you going on now or coming in your future, it is not in the past or something spiritual that can't be measured.

But it seems like God is telling you that even if you go through a period where you've been robbed of what is your's, He will restore it. You just have to trust Him. And it appears that you do.


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