a dream that scares me just thinking about it

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a dream that scares me just thinking about it

Post by redeeminglove on Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:38 pm

Hey all,

can you give me your insight on this dream?

quick version: went to a lady's house and there was a baby kitten behind bars and then its mother came and picked it up. saw another kitten and its mother behind bars (like in a cage).
i had a key to my car but it was flimsy and every time i tried to start my car it sounded like it was trying to start over but then it made a sound like a toilet flushing.
i told the lady in the house that i needed to go home to get another key. i drove her car with her in the passenger's seat but had trouble steering and reaching the gas/brake pedal and seeing over the dashboard.
i got home and came in through the gate. i saw a few dogs and a black baby wolf. i went over to the wolf since it was little and i saw no parents. i then saw a medium size wolf. it didnt look too angry but i backed away immediately and did not go near the puppy.

can anybody give me any insight?? this dream gives me the creeps thinking about it.

thank you,
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