Please Help Me Understand This Dream!!!

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Please Help Me Understand This Dream!!!

Post by on Thu Dec 09, 2010 5:02 am

Don't laugh. I don't even like this rapper! I was lying in bed a long time with this rapper lil wayne and I know that he's associated with the illuminati in real life. He was very respectful since we were in our underwear under covers watching tv and I sensed I didn't know him well. At some point, some woman gets between us and is asking why he only paid her phone bill but not the $800. In real life my phone is cut off today and I'm facing eviction for 300, no gas to get to school, no cash to wash clothes, etc. I am not dating anyone in real life. I just stopped seeing someone. I'm pregnant with his child, he gives me 25 a week. It doesnt really help much. Lil wayne left at some point and while I'm in the bathroom, two of his friends pull on me to come out. I sensed they wanted sex. Somehow we end up at a store. they ask to borrow something from my house. I agree. I then get hit by the horrible premonition taht they're robbing me blind! I finally flag a cab, who keeps rushing me to give him money up front, i do, then he goes from driving to slowing to put on sunglasses and a hat, gets a call from a woman at her job, takes a detour and goes to her, stops the car. I cant get him to go, he asks me where I live and couldnt figure it out for the life of me. I want to move, but some time ago the Lord spoke to my spirit telling me not to. I don't know if thats relevant. I could easily move to a better place and so far He hasnt told me WHERE to go. But I havent been praying or listening much lately either. Been so busy with school. ANYHOO.... I run around aimlessly trying to get home asking people where I was and no one caring i get a sense of doom as if im too late and I run harder and harder but cant get home and then I woke up feeling like I had a nightmare. I usually dont recall my dreams I know my lil bro was in it and forgot that part but the fact that i recall so much makes me feel like the dream is a message. HEELLLPPP PLEASE!!!
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