Flying Bicycle Lady

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Flying Bicycle Lady

Post by hind'sfeet on Mon Dec 06, 2010 11:13 am

Ok, I'll be brief with this because it's way too hard to describe.

So, with friend, staying at a pay by night trailer, price listed on sign at trailer. Owner, old lady always seems present but out of sight. Helping friend pack/unpack stuff in her truck to move (? weird). I give her stuff, she decides to load it into truck the next day because it's night and she wants to sleep (?) I decide to load the stuff I gave her into the truck myself so she wouldn't have to. The harder I work the harder the energy I use works and the more money I spend on the energy (so much for pay by the day... more like pay by the minute) also seems internet use was incl. even though I wasn't using it?
I don't remember what happened next or even the details of what I've said already so here is the next part that I remember...
Then I see this lovely blonde woman with super curly hair on a bicycle and she flies. She seems to rescue me and my friend and I think my brother. It's like all we had to do was grab onto part of her bike and she raised her left leg (I was looking at her right leg and admiring how strong her legs were) all the way into the air, toes pointed and pointing up to the sky and we fly up into the sky dangling from her bike. She was laughing and very joyful and happy. At that point I'm watching it happen from a distance but I'm also seeing myself on the bike. The people she was rescuing us from (?) were dumbfounded and they were just standing there. I don't even know what she was rescuing us from.
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