Dream someone stealing from Iris ministeries.

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Dream someone stealing from Iris ministeries.

Post by steadygaze on Mon Dec 06, 2010 7:28 am

Hi precious friends it has been awhile.

I need conformation on a dream I had just this morning.


I was an intern with Heidi Baker she had a small hand full of interns that came to her house in Pemba Africa. when we all first arrived Heidi took us to the ocean and then when she brought us back to the house she told us we can use the internet right on the beach because we had reception there. We all were excited to write home. Then we had this thing about the toilet seats so Heidi and a few others went to the store to get some toilet seats while the rest of us rested back at the house. Heidi gets back with the new toilets instead of toilet seats and people are saying how cool these new toilets were and I was like okay because I had not seen them yet. Well Then we were all out side the house doing what ever and a guy comes and in front of all of us he tells us that the lady who had been treasurer for Iris ministries stole money out of Iris ministries account and that he was there to arrest the lady. Heidi did not say a word in fact you could hear a pin drop as my heart sunk to the ground. The lady was amongst us in the house so the man went to her and she went inside the house where the till was with money and it was covered with plastic. The lady kept saying I need to wipe the clear plastic bag over the till with a cloth, the man said, " it is to late for that we already have your prints off the bag on the till." It was as if the lady was humiliated and full of grief and in shock because she was caught. Heidi went into the house and I began to weep. My heart was so deeply grieved that I felt the burden as if it were done to me. My friend Connie who I was in mission school with at Iris was there, and in real life she is with another ministry. Anyway Connie starts to tell me about what had happened to her that was similar but I can not remember what it was. She told me her story cause she saw me crying. I told Connie, " what just took place to Heidi is like Judas doing what He did to Jesus, the lady who stole betrayed Heidi." I went to tell Connie how can Heidi ever trust someone again it would totally have to be Jesus in her to trust again." I began to hear singing coming from one of the back rooms and I knew it was Heidi. I went to go back to the bathroom and see if I could see Heidi. As I walked back Heidi's room was completely open she was sitting Indian style on the floor with her hand raised worshiping Jesus with this beautiful voice. I could see the Lords glory around her and I knew she was totally trusting the Lord for what just happened. I felt the weight lift off me of what just happened. I went to the bathroom and the new seats were like bar stools. You push the chair down to get into it and then it raises you up and you go potty. I was like this is really cool. :lol: Then I heard some of the staff come in to talk to Heidi about what happened and how they were at the theater to see a movie and tried to pay with Iris money and the account was totally empty.

Interesting dream any insight conformation would be great thanks. I some times can not tell if a dream is littoral or for me. Any helpful tips?
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