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Living room & bedroom

Post by GateBeautiful on Mon Dec 06, 2010 6:22 am


These are 3 separate dreams I have had recently and the common thread is the living room. In each dream I had a really positive feeling. Nothing negative at all. IRl I do not have a roommate. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

1 - I am in my current hallway where the hallway meets the living room. I am sitting on a toilet urinating. I am talking with my roommate who is sitting on the loveseat across from where I was. I finish urinating and that is when I notice Jack Nicholson laying on the couch. He is watching a movie with my roommate. It is 3am. They were very peaceful and cozy. Very calming. I thank them for not leaving but allowing me to urinate. Jack reminded me of the character he played in the movie "As good as it gets" with Diane Keaton.

2 - I am in my current living room chatting with a girl. It is morning. I tell her that my friend Bruce is on his way over to my house. I tell her that I had taken Bruceís pictures down. That Bruce used to be my standard for many years but not any longer.

3 - I am in my current bedroom. I am tired and want to go to sleep. I walk out into my living room and see my friend Nick sitting on the couch. His friend Dave is sitting on the loveseat with a blanket over him like he was sleeping. My sister was in the kitchen cleaning up. It was Thanksgiving evening and we had already eaten. I was surprised that Nick and Dave were still there. It was very late at night.

I walk over to Nick and ask if everything is ok. He said no he is mad at me although his demeanor was more like vulnerability not anger. I asked him if he wanted to talk about. He had tears in his eyes and said he canít. Reminded me of a child when they have done something wrong and are coming clean about it. I told him it was ok, like he could talk to me. He almost seemed childlike. I said would you like to go to my bedroom and talk and he said yes.

We are now in my current bedroom but it was also the bedroom from another place I lived years ago. Nick flops down on the bed, face first, all spread out. It was like he could finally relax. The bed was up against the large window so that the window became somewhat of a headboard. Not like that IRL though. That seem to stand out.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.


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