Leaky Faucet and Huge jet/plane

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Leaky Faucet and Huge jet/plane

Post by cmhooker on Sat Dec 04, 2010 11:04 am

This dream has two parts.

In the first part I was wrapped up in a blanket on my friend Stephanie's hardwood floor. The room was empty. It was Stephanie's living room, and there was a leaky faucet by my head, dripping on my head and on the floor. I would get up and move and the same thing would happen. The water from the faucet was wearing away the varnish on the floor leaving bald spots. I had a lot of anxiety about this throughout the dream, and especially when Stephanie came in the room. I didn't want to ruin her floor. This is why I kept moving. Stephanie is older than me with kids and I kind of look at her as mother/older sister.

In the second part I am flying a plane. It's huge, like a huge army jet. It was even camoflaged like an army jet. I felt great in this dream. I felt very happy/joyful/even powerful, like nothing could touch me. It was very freeing, like I could do anything and the path was clear. I landed and went into a restaurant. I thought it was a McDonald's. It felt that I had something do there, like I had to tell people something there, like was going to tell them about the plane and flying, and I felt great about doing it. Then I woke up.

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