Grandmother needed to get right with God

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Grandmother needed to get right with God

Post by lisa83 on Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:31 pm

I had a dream two nights ago. In it Joel Osteen met my elderly Grandmother in an odd way. I don't remember the odd way and it doesn't quite make sense how they met but my feeling in the dream was that God had orchestrated it. In the dream I was trying to figure out why Joel Osteen was in my Grandmother's city under the odd circumstances he was in. The Joel Osteen in this dream was short. I don't know how tall he really is but the one in this dream was much under 6 foot (my height).
He didn't look like I know he looks on TV either but in my dream that was how he was identified. In my dream I remember asking God... or just asking... why Joel Osteen, a world renoun salvation minister, would have been sent to my Grandmother. In a sudden revelation in my own dream...?She needs to make her peace with the Lord because she's not got much longer". ...was the message I got. The reason for Joel Osteen is that my grandmother was not likely to listen to family members, but might listen to Joel Osteen because she used to watch Schuler on TV. Osteen has a similar happy disposition and message with one key difference...he has a salvation message at the end of every broadcast. There was also one weird thing about the dream. I could see the top of the dream Osteen's head. It looked like the hair was dyed and it was sort of thinning. Not thin yet but you could tell it would be one day. The hair was brown with a reddish cast. I had no idea if this was just normal dream weirdness or not.

There was also another part, just after this revelation of a group of people that were trying to figure out who had done a particular theft or misconduct. The implication was that it was my Grandmother. I only know of one indiscretion my Grandmother made and I think a lot of that had to do with misjudgement and old age. Again...just part of normal dream weirdness or pertinent?

Do I go with the revelation as was revealed in the dream itself? There was a sense of great urgency in the dream. The implication was that my grandmother would die suddenly....somewhat unexpectedly. She's in her 80's. She has a pacemaker...but it's batteries have been replaced recently. She is on cumadin. That's all I know of her health.

The next morning I found that Joel Osteen was going to be in Miami withi in 2 days. My grandmother lives in the Tampa bay area. 9 hour drive. I contacted my mother to see if she or my sister could drive my grandmother to see him. She was quite sure she couldn't convince her to go.

So I called my other sister who has some sway with my grandmother and told her all that I knew but explained to her to not be alarmed yet because I needed some counsel. I explained the reason I told her was the suddeness indicated. Didn't want to freak her but I need to get my Grandmother to heaven.

I attend a Methodist church now, but pray in tongues (about 2 years) and have been experiencing the supernatural of the Holy Spirit sporadically for 15 years or so. Only in the last 2 years have I come to any understanding of some of the visions, words of knowledge, impressions, etc sent from the Lord.

I could really use some advice from those experienced in these matters, because I'm just a baby in this.

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