Movie Attack..Who Are These People

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Movie Attack..Who Are These People

Post by christmaidservant on Fri Dec 03, 2010 10:15 am

This dream was like a movie

First this womans car was attacked, someone has planted something on her car. The back part was on fire so she had to switch cars to make her break. Second back at her house, I believe the same people who attacked her car, broke into her house. The threw stuff around everywhere, only in her living room. I also got the impression that they were searching for a little girl but could not find her.
I wanted to get the men that did this to the house, so I went after them. I followed them to this big building, it sort of resembled a hospital/airport. This other lady knew who those men were and tried to distract them by playing hurt. She pretended that she hurt her foot. People rushed to her aide, and I saw one of the men, trying to hurt her. I guess he knew her plan. As she was laying on the gurney, he went and put some small toothpick-like sticks near her face, so that once she turned her head, she would hurt herself. I saw him and removed the toothpicks and attacked him. I pinned his arms behind him and started questioning him and telling him to stop hurting people.
I made him sit down and when he did that, he turned into a 3-yr-old kid.
I took him with me to this house and he was trying to lay in this bed with this family, but he was literally hanging on to the sheets. So I picked him up and put him in the bed with the family and he looked at me as if she was shcoked that I cared. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies for my fiance, however a little kid came and started to eat them instead. I started to tell them that they weren't for him , but I let him eat them anyway. He said they taste amazing and I said of course because I made them. He smiled, then ran to me and gave me a hug.

Crazy dream...........

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