family dream(need help)

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family dream(need help)

Post by tonya31 on Thu Dec 02, 2010 8:32 pm


I really need help with this dream, i feel it was god sent and i have been tormented by it since.. I dreamed my 2 year old nephew was walking down a street hand in hand with a person that i could not see, they were invisable to me. I felt that something terrible had happened and he dies from this. The next part was my brother and mother were sitting in chairs and i was standing up talking to them... there were boxes and they were little boxes and each contained a dead body and a label. as the man passed with the box that contained my nephew, my brother the father of him downed his head and said there goes my little boy, i was not crying in my dream but awoke crying hysterical...
two nights later I dreamed that my husband and myself were watching from beyond the actions taking place, my sister n law which is the mother of the above was running from a man, he was stabbing and killing people as he was on his race for her. she was at a house and walked outside and she was stabbed by this man to her death. Then my husband and I were in the basement of this house with my brother from the dream before and he was covered in blood and was saying to us that he had lost everything.......
when i awoke from these dreams I prayed and have had a heavy feeling about these dreams. I am new to the dreams and i want to know what they mean and that they are of god. If anyone could pray and help me with these i would appreciate it so much...

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Re: family dream(need help)

Post by owen on Fri Dec 03, 2010 12:38 am

Hi tonya,

Please, i need to know the answers of these questions:

Have you seen blood when you saw your nephew, the mother, and the father died in your dream? Your brother, did you see him dead in the basement?

In real life are they alive and well?

Are they Christians?

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