Asking assistance with dream-selfhelp

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Asking assistance with dream-selfhelp

Post by HisLightbeam on Wed Dec 01, 2010 1:16 pm

posting for selfhelp

Asking assistance with dream
by selfhelp Yesterday at 11:27 am

-I dreamed a large yellow and black banded snake (I want to say it was a rattle snake) was around my purse -which sat on the floor. I can't stand snakes, but I was not fearful. Not fearful but not going to touch it or try to do anything with it. I almost felt annoyed by it.

My grandfather (who is deceased) came in the house. I told him snake was around my pocket book. As he got closer the snake hissed and opened its mouth. At the time it opened its mouth my grandfather grabbed the snake by its mouth and slung out the door into the woods.

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