The King's Palace

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The King's Palace

Post by lorigary05 on Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:44 am

I was sitting on marble steps. There was a body of water to my left. The steps were going down into the water. On my right side was the King's palace. It had pillars and streams of white fabric flowing in the wind. The King was inside. I did not see him. A man that was short with dark hair came up to me. I knew he was the King's right hand man. He knelt down and looked me straight in the eyes and said "He's chosen you." I knew what he meant. There was someone else far away in another country that wanted to take the King's place. He was evil. He wanted to be king for himself to have control over everyone. And it was between me and him. And the King chose me. And I said back to the man "It's because I'll tell the truth.?" I said it as a statement but also as a question to confirm the statement. And he said "Yes. Because you'll tell the truth." I looked to my left and there was a castle sitting on a piece of land. I knew I would rule and reign from that castle. I wouldn't be in the King's seat. He was staying there. But the man said that's where I would be ruling and reigning from. I think I know what this dream means but I would like confirmation. Thank you.

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