cruise ship, harry potter, ocean, killer whales?sharks.

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cruise ship, harry potter, ocean, killer whales?sharks.

Post by pattileer on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:43 pm

I dont know much about Harry Potter, but he showed up in the following dream.

..2 nights before this dream I had another dream which I interprered as someone who I has alot of knowledge/spiritual wisdom or education was speaking evil of real life for over the past year lies have been spread about me and my family..

Large cruise ship in ocean, somepeople I dont remember who is trying to throw Harry Potter off the first attempt his glasses fall off, he thinks(or I think, Im not in the dream) oh well I wont need them in the water anyway,,next scene he is in water, there are sharks or killer whales everywhere, one up close..and then several sharks are circling..suddenly someone else comes up from the center of the sharks and shoots something toward the sky, then inside the circle of sharks, blood comes to top, seeming the person was wounded..however by drawing the attention of the sharks..harry potter type character is able to escape..but he cannot tell where he is going as the water is so murky..

I dont have a clue what this means..I am thinking maybe the person and the blood is referring to Jesus..and his blood saves us..but I dont know who Harry potter is represtening..or what the rest means...someone else suggested the not being able to see in the water would be us walking in faith..

Any help would be appreciated.

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