Dream 05/18/2010

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Dream 05/18/2010

Post by pspulley on Tue Nov 30, 2010 6:34 pm

As the dream begins I am on a nighttime jog/walk through Downtown Seattle. When I look up I see a group of other joggers one of them has fallen and landed hard on one of their knees. As the jogger begins to rise I realize that it is former President Bill Clinton surrounded by his Secret Service Detail. I ended up joining President Clinton on his jog/walk through Seattle nothing was said for quite awhile until I asked him how his knee was doing since his fall to which he replied “It hurts” we continued on for awhile but somehow got separated I never saw them again.

The scene changed I continued on my jog/walk through Seattle and I am going over a stone bridge over the freeway one unique feature of this bridge is about every 20 feet or so there were water fountains I assume for drinking built into the bridge I stop once or twice to drink some water and then remembered that I needed to catch an elevator that was at the end of the bridge. I then began to sprint toward the elevator there were other people ahead of me yelling for me to hurry, when I finally reached the elevator the doors were open on the floor there were several packed boxes in front of the rear set of doors blocking the exit. It was at this point I woke up.
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