Help for my husband-dream about naming a baby

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Help for my husband-dream about naming a baby

Post by godsgirl4ever on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:43 am

early this morning my husband was excited and told me he had a dream. he rarely remembers his dreams ever. but this one was very vivid. he got up to do his normal morning devotions and God lead him to a scripture in the book of Daniel that said all interpretation belongs to God. so we are praying for guidance now about what the dream means....

his dream:

i am holding a newborn baby boy that is ours. and we are happy and excited. but we hadnt chosen a name for the baby because it all happened suddenly like a surprise as if we didnt expect a baby to come. or a baby boy. so he is going up and down a hall trying to choose a name for the baby... and God tells him the names & their meanings:
Michael - Who is like God?
and then 3 Nigerian names
1st meant- the Lord is victorious
2nd meant- the Lord has conquered
3rd meant- God has favored, blessed

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