2 dreams/ Molar & Black Bears

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2 dreams/ Molar & Black Bears

Post by godsgirl4ever on Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:30 am

a few weeks ago i was fasting with my church and seeking God about my life, ministry, what my calling is, and interceding for unsaved and backsliden family members. i asked that he would speak to me...
i have been having lots of dreams & visions since that request.

the first i am inquiring about is....in it i was riding a bike down a hill on a curvy road, it was slippery because of ice and water. to avoid being hit by oncoming cars i jumped a curve and stopped for a moment. my son (***who in real life is saved but not walking with the Lord***) comes down the hill and tries to offer me ice in his cap. i say no son its too cold for that i dont need it. as i get ready to continue riding an old man pulls over asking if i am ok and need a ride. i say no thank you i am fine and then continue riding. when i get to the bottom i am standing in front of a mirror. i look into it and see that i have a molar on the front bottom row of my teeth.. it is growing larger and larger...as it is growing it is changing colors until it is dark gray in color. it is also heavy... my gums are loosening as the tooth enlarges...i say "no no" and then i begin to lift the molar out of my mouth..it is very heavy and large that it takes both my hands to get it and as i am lifting it out it breaks into 2 pieces. my gums begin to shrink immediately.. i close my mouth..sigh and then open and it is replaced by beautiful white straight teeth.

2 dream i am asking about is...

I am on a phone in a house and i look out the window i see hundreds of black bears crushing down the fence and running thru the yard down a hill. i am telling the person on the phone what i am seeing and at the same time shouting to someone be careful stay back while watching in amazement as they run away.

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Re: 2 dreams/ Molar & Black Bears

Post by dreamster on Thu Dec 02, 2010 1:25 am

i think the moler is a personal issue commin 2a head ,,2 a point wer u hav2 do sumfing about it,an pull it out,,, a grey tooth is a dyin one. ,,but wen u remove it ur mouthis fully restored,, flower sum grt stuff here,, D

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