A man looking dead!

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A man looking dead!

Post by princessarielle on Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:08 am

Hello everybody

I had a funny dream and would need help to interpret it. Basically, I dreamed about a young man I used to date. In the dream, he looked more handsome than before, things seemed right, it seemed he had made it in life. He was well dressed. But me in the contrary, I was at a place where I thought I should not have been, still going to school after so many years and struggling in life. So, every time I will go to school and I would wait for the elevator to go to class, he will come to me, well dressed, looking good and make fun of me saying things like "waouh, you are still here? It seems like you're not progressing in life!" And every time he would say that, I would feel bad and ashamed.

Then, one day, in the dream, I was waiting for the elevator again and he came as usual. But this time, he took the elevator with me. The elevator started going down and then it stopped at some point in between two floors and the door opened to my amazement. All of a sudden, my ex-boyfriend jumped in spite of my efforts to prevent him from doing that. After a few minutes, I figured out a way to get down and ran to him to see if he was ok. I found him laying on the floor as if dead. I called his name, shouted it. People who were passing by stopped and everybody tried calling Him but he never woke up.

Thanks for helping me interpret it!

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