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Post by christmaidservant on Thu Nov 25, 2010 7:56 pm

Hello All,

I keep having these baby dreams, from conception to a possible birth.

In one dream, I was bathing in my bathtub. Water seemed to be flowing from the showerhead as well. It was probably one of the most relaxing baths I ever had, perfect feeling. Then a large dose of sperm came out of the tub and tried to impregnate me, I was so scared I kept trying to move because I did not want to be pregnant. It kept following and it was so powerful I could not get it away, but I kept trying.

Second dream, I guess I became pregnant because I saw the fetus. However, the fetus was in my room and on top of a tall dresser. I knew that I was only 6 weeks along. I saw the eyes only, it was all my fetus had, but they were big eyes. I knew I had to keep nourishing it.

Third dream, all of a sudden my stomach was big and I did not know I was pregnant. I was thinking to myself, "Thank God that I had been taking my prenatal vitamins anyway, because I did not know I was pregnant." My fiance and I went to the doctor because I did not know how far along I was, and for some reason I was 6 months. The doctor was giving me a pap smear and asked if I was taking care of her. I said yes, I had been taking prenatal vitamins even though I didn't know I was pregnant, then he allowed me to see her. He took her out of me and wiped her up, then she was running around as a 2-year-old toddler instead of a baby. She was fully clothed and energized. I called my mother and told her about the baby being a girl and described all that she was doing. My mom said that she was just like me. She even was playing with something my fiance had given her. Then the doctor said that it was time for her to go back inside to finish developing.

Fourth, I was ushering at church, which I am not an usher. One of the ladies asked me when I was going to birth Richard? I said well hopefully not too soon. I looked up Richard and it meant, powerful leader, strong power, hardy power.

Alright now these dreams have occured over a period of a few weeks....
I pray you can help and that God will continue to reveal it to me.

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